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Tony’s Career:

Current Position: 1999 to Present:

President / Owner of TDL International, Inc., in Dallas, Texas, USA. Consulting Petrophysicist. Currently working for clients as a consultant on special petrophysical contract projects, such as estimating net pay, calculating reserves, evaluating prospects, generating pseudo / synthetic well logs, developing log models, and well log / core data interpretation and data quality control.

Previous Positions:

1992 – 1999: Senior Petrophysical Supervisor (Geological Specialist, 7 1/2 years), ARCO Indonesia (now BP).

Previous Positions continued:

1990-1992, 1980-1982:

Senior Petrophysicist, Exploration Data Acquisition Group. (4 years) ARCO International Oil and Gas Co. / ARCO Oil and Gas Company Plano/Dallas Texas, U.S.A.

Previous Positions continued:

1982-1990, 1975-1980:

Sr. Staff Petrophysicist (13 years), Atlas Wireline Services (Dresser Atlas), Houston, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; Dallas, Texas; Anchorage, Alaska; Ventura, California; Bakersfield, California.

Previous Positions continued:



Previous Positions continued: