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Petrophysical Consultant

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Executive Summary of Qualifications:

Extensive Petrophysical Experience: over forty years in the oil and gas industry for major exploration, producing, reserve certification, and service companies. Areas include Deep Water West Africa, North Africa, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Viet Nam, South China Sea, Russia, Mexico, Central America, South America, the North Sea, Europe, Turkey, Asia, the U.S. Gulf Coast, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico, West Texas, Mid-Continent, Rocky Mountains, California, Alaska, Canada and the Middle East. Extensive experience in both sand and carbonate reservoirs.


Petrophysical / Core / Well Log / Geophysical Data Integration.

Net Pay / Reserves Estimation

By-Passed Pay Location

Unitization Procedures / Equity Determination.

Synthetic Curve Generation and Petrophysical Integrity Quality Control.

Interpretation and Development of Leading Industry Software Programs.

Magnetic Resonance Log interpretation.

Core Analysis Data Integration - Proficient in integrating regular and special core analysis (SCAL) data for improved Petrophysical log-to-core calibrations and facies associations.



Latest Technology - Familiar with the latest wireline and logging-while-drilling (LWD) technological advances.

Software Familiarity - Familiar with a wide range of the latest Petrophysical software products.

Technical Advisor - Responsible for Petrophysical integrity, log quality control and training for major oil and gas company for several years.

Contract Procedures - Experienced in writing contract specifications and evaluating bids for acquisition of log and core Petrophysical data.

Petrophysical Staff Coordinator - Experienced supervisor of Petrophysical staff including employee multi-disciplinary skill evaluations.

Extensive Experience:

Open-Hole / Cased-Hole Well Log Analysis - Clastics and Carbonates.

Custom Log Interpretation Development.

Thin-Bed, Low-Resistivity / Low-Contrast By-Passed Pay.

Magnetic Resonance

Petrofacies Estimation

Probabilistic and Deterministic Methods.

Computer Work stations and PC Environments.

Network / Data Transmission Methods.

Field and Office Work Environments.

Marketing / Sales of Computer Software Applications.


President and Owner of TDL International, Inc. a successful petrophysical consulting company, since itís incorporation in the State of Texas, U.S.A. in 1999:

††††† .

Developed original methods for synthetic curve generation offered by two major petrophysical software companies currently in use by the oil and gas industry worldwide:




One of the consulting petrophysicists involved in the deep water discovery of large hydrocarbon fields in Mauritania and Senegal, West Africa


Also, one of the primary petrophysicists involved in the discovery of Tweneboa, Enyenra and Ntomme (TEN) deep water oil and gas fields in the in Ghana.


One of the primary petrophysicists involved in the discovery of deep water Jubilee and other oil and gas fields in the West Cape Three Points and Deepwater Tano Blocks in Ghana, some of the largest in West Africa


Exceptional Contribution Award from ARCO Chairman in 1998 for certification of the Indonesia Tangguh gas fields, 14.4 TCF proved and 18.3 TCF probable, the third largest hydrocarbon discovery in ARCO history ( now BP)

††††† .


Special Award for ARCO Indonesia Ubadari gas discovery in Irian Jaya presented in 1998.

Received 1997 ARCO Exceptional Contribution Awards for the Wiriagar/Berau and Vorwata gas discoveries in Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

Presented special WILDCAT AWARD from C.E.O. of ARCO for discovery of Indonesia Tangguh Field in 1997.

Selected by Pertamina and ARCO Indonesia as a representative at the World Petroleum Congress in Beijing, China for 1997 to present new method for editing and generating Pseudo/Synthetic sonic curves:

††††† .

1995 Outstanding Technical Achievement Award from ARCO International Oil and Gas Company for developing computer model to locate by-passed pay using well logs, resulting in over 100 million dollars (USD) of additional reserves for ARCO and Pertamina.

1994 Outstanding Contribution Award from Atlantic Richfield Indonesia, Inc. for discovering large by-passed gas reserves in the Java Sea using only cased hole well logs.

1994 Outstanding Contribution Award from Atlantic Richfield Indonesia, Inc. for the development of computer programs to locate potential source rocks.

Other Honors/ Memberships:

Former President, Society of Professional Well Log Analysts (SPWLA), Dallas Chapter.

Society of Petroleum Engineers. Indonesian Petroleum Association.

Career History:

1999 to Present:

Owner/President of TDL International, Inc., Dallas, Texas, USA. Consulting Petrophysicist. Currently working for clients as a consultant on special petrophysical contract projects, such as estimating net pay, calculating reserves, evaluating prospects, generating pseudo / synthetic well logs, developing log models, and well log / core data interpretation and data quality control.

Previous Positions:

1992 Ė 1999:

Senior Petrophysical Supervisor (Geological Specialist, 7 1/2 years), ARCO Indonesia

Primary petrophysicist for reserves estimation, core and log analyses for the ARCO Wiriagar/Berau (Tangguh) gas discoveries in Irian Jaya.

Responsible for ARCO Java Sea geological operations including, wireline logging, logging-while-drilling, mud logging and coring.

Performed well log analysis and net reserve calculations on existing wells for field studies and special projects including ARCO Wiriagar/Berau (Tangguh), ARCO New Ventures, and ARCO Bali North on both clastic and carbonate reservoirs.

Well log quality control and interpretation on active exploration, delineation and development wells.

Recommended well logging programs for optimized well evaluations.

Wrote specifications for tenders for wireline logging, logging-while-drilling, mud logging and coring contracts plus evaluated such tenders.

Supervised Schlumberger contract personnel operating the ARCO in-house Geoframe workstation.

Supervised and trained ARCO Indonesian national petrophysicists on well log interpretation and in the use of computer log analysis software.

1990-1992, 1980-1982:

Senior Petrophysicist, Exploration Data Acquisition Group. (4 years)

ARCO International Oil and Gas Co. / ARCO Oil and Gas Company Plano/Dallas Texas, U.S.A.

Provided quality assurance and formation analysis support for district operations at well site and in office.

Tested and implemented data transfer between desktop PC's and Mainframe computers,

Developed new interpretation techniques.

Represented ARCO on the Alaska Cook Inlet Trading Bay Equity Committee.

Worked on Alaska Prudhoe Bay Equity Determination Procedures.

Trained ARCO geologists and engineers in well log interpretation and quality control.

Developed low-resistivity pay, thin-bed analysis software for ARCO petrophysics group.

Performed FMS imaging analysis and INCLINE dipmeter analysis.

Developed automatic curve editing and synthetic curve generation program for editing well logs or generating pseudo curves to fill in missing data.

1982-1990, 1975-1980:

Sr. Staff Petrophysicist (13 years), Atlas Wireline Services (Dresser Atlas), Houston, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; Dallas, Texas; Anchorage, Alaska; Ventura, California; Bakersfield, California.

Designed software models for PC-based log analysis packages (WDS-Well Data System).

Provided technical seminars for customers and for in-house training purposes.

Coordinated log / core data integration for improvements in determining net sand/pay count.

Supervised log analyst teams on special interpretation projects.

Installed log analysis software packages for clients including training.

Developed new log interpretation techniques (Dielectric Log Analysis, Low-Resistivity Pay, TBA Thin-Bed Analysis, Carbon / Oxygen Log Interpretation).

Provided solutions for special interpretation problems such as CBIL (Acoustic borehole imaging log) and Stratigraphic Dipmeter Interpretation.

Authored and presented numerous technical papers.

Responsible for the Marketing/Sales of advanced and innovative services.

Designed, authored and compiled marketing brochures for advanced formation evaluation services (TBRt Thin-Bed, Resistivity tool, Dielectric log, etc.).

Executive Account Administrator for major oil and gas clients.


Digitizing Engineering Manager, Petroleum Information, Houston, Texas (1 1/2 years)

Supervised a group of 14 employees in converting well logs to digital tape data.

Well log analysis for special projects.

Interviewed, trained and managed new employees.


Field Engineer, Schlumberger Well Services, USA. (2 years)

Responsible for open-hole logging crew and equipment.

Performing well-site logging operations and interpretation.

Logging engineer for record setting deepest well drilled in the world at the time (Bertha Rogers No. 1 in Oklahoma ).

Nominated for "Wildcatter Award".


The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama U.S.A., Bachelor of Science, Major: Physics, Minor: Mathematics. Deanís List. Mathematics Honorary. Special training in engineering, geology and geophysics. Numerous petroleum industry courses.


"Evaluation of Thin Bedded Turbidites in the Union Pacific / Ford 98 Area of Wilmington Field Utilizing High-Resolution Processed FMI Resistivity Data" (Joint Meeting Pacific Coast Convention of AAPG and Western Regional Meeting of SPE, Long Beach, 2000)

"Sonic/Density Well Log Data Editing with Pseudo Curve Generation - Indonesian Examples Using a Multiple Crossproduct Non-Linear Method "(World Petroleum Congress, Beijing, 1997)

"Low-Resistivity, Low-Contrast Pay: Some Examples from Offshore North West Java, Ardjuna Basin, Indonesia" (AAPG, Houston, 1997)

"Comparisons of Conventional Wireline Resistivity Logs Versus Logging While Drilling/Measurement While Drilling Logs in the Offshore Northwest Java Sea of Indonesia" (Indonesia Petroleum Association, Jakarta, 1995)

"Talang Akar (Oligocene) Source Rock Identification From Wireline Logs - Applications in the Deep Ardjuna Basin, Offshore Northwest Java" (Indonesia Petroleum Association, Jakarta, 1995)

"U.S. Gulf Coast Field Experience with Thin-Bed Well Log Analysis" (GCAGS, Lafayette, 1990)

"Thin-bed Log Analysis Using High Resolution Measurements" (SAID/LASER/SPWLA, Paris, 1989)

"Applications of the High Resolution Deep Investigation Resistivity (TBRt) Instrument"†††††††††† (SAID/LASER/SPWLA, Paris, 1989)

"Dielectric Log Applications in Complex Lithologies and Variable Salinity Fluids" (International Meeting on Well Logging Techniques, Beijing, 1989)

"An Advanced Interpretation Technique Integrates Well Log and Core Data for Thin-Bed Reservoir Evaluation" (GCAGS, Corpus Christi, 1989)

"Simplified Dielectric Log Interpretation in Variable Salinities Using Resistivity vs. Phase Angle Crossplots" (SPWLA, London, 1987)

"PDK-100 Log Examples in the Gulf Coast" (SPWLA, Dallas, 1985)

"Log Evaluation of Clastic Shaly Formations Using Corrected Rwa-Ratio Techniques" (SPWLA, New Orleans, 1984)

"Continuous Carbon/Oxygen and Neutron Lifetime Log Proposed Interpretation for Organic and/or Shaly Depositional Environments" (SPWLA, New Orleans, 1984)

"Continuous Carbon/Oxygen Log Interpretation Techniques" (SPE, Las Vegas, 1979, JPT, 1981)

"Proposed Spectralog Product Index for Clay Volumes" (Dresser Atlas, Houston, 1980)

"California Applications of the Continuous Carbon/Oxygen Log" (API, Bakersfield, 1977)

"The Use of Photon Logs to Evaluate Gravel Packing" (API, California, 1976)

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